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Designer’s Perspective

Speaking on what makes Reason ideal for Indian workspaces, Carr commented, “Reason is an open-ended product, allowing the facility to grow by addition, giving not only a longer product life, but also suiting the demands of a fast-changing organization.” According to him, it is the beginning of a new type of office thinking, which has grown successfully from a unique collaboration of international design thinking; Indian market needs; problem solving and manufacturing. “We are confident that Indian consumers will love our designs too,” he says.

About Roger Carr

With over twenty years of experience in design consultancy, Roger Carr has helped develop many influential and successful products including G-mark, IIDA & Best of Neocon award-winning products. He specialises in Office, Transportation and Retail product sectors; has extensive experience in areas of concept, product development, product engineering and prototype manufacturing. As a designer, he responds with workable solutions to challenging requirements. What sets him apart in the today’s market is his dedication to the development of innovative concepts through properly harnessed research and the exploitation of production possibilities.